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Startup Investment Philosophy

How we invest?  We invest in companies raising seed rounds that are post revenue.  We mostly back startups that have a strong tech component, we do target all markets. Bonus points if they are impact-oriented.

Successful startups have great backers and great advisors.  This is why we typically invest through syndicates, with well-respected lead investors. We offer advisor support and share frameworks to launch faster.

We Invest In Technology

Game changing technology, SaaS, Wearables, IT security, and more are the type of things that excite us.

Mobile Apps and In-App Commerce

From the consumer or even the business side of mobile applications, we invest in apps that power logistics, in-app gaming purchases, healthcare and more.

Artificial Intelligence

From the source code that makes AI work to exciting hardware developments, and wearable applications.

3 Things Entrepreneurs Tell Us They Want…

Launch in Less Time

YOU want insight and a proven launch framework to bring your products and services to market faster and with less money.

Gain Traction

YOU want a step-by-step approach, so that you know exactly what actions you must take to successfully start your launch.

Change The World

YOU want to know exactly where to start, so that you can make your ideas tangible and successfully launch your product or service.

You're A Founder

You're An Entrepreneur

You're An Innovator

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