There are a number of successful growth hackers who have masterfully aced the art and science of growth hacking. This includes doing a few important things like understanding the customer, conceptualizing an ideal product, as well as leveraging each and every tool available to them.

Proven Growth Hackers

Growth hackers are considered the gold-diggers of our times because of their ability to acquire from zero to millions of users in just couple of years. Examples include Facebook, Quora, Airbnb, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Dropbox, Spotify, Paypal, Hotmail, and the list continues.

Let’s consider Quora for instance. The idea behind Quora was to serve a platform that would let people engage in quality conversations. While the world already had N number of Forums, Quora chose to be different.

Quora is known for having aced two growth hacks that led the company to grow in millions. One of the hacks that worked for Quora is that they designed a feed that would generate interesting content based on a user’s interest. This feed provided the users with the present topics and user’s interest from most recent conversations.

growth hacking

Four Growth Hacking tactics early stage startups should consider:

1. Consider exploring remarketing

Remarketing plays a vital role when you have just entered the market with your thriving business. It is essential to market your brand to only those users who have shown a potential interest towards your brand or your online services. You can even consider those who have recently visited your web page. This turns out to be a great way to manifold growth wherein you focus your PPC campaign on such visitors.

2. Serve engaging content

Having a professional website design is just being enough today. Just as we mentioned above, you need to battle the cutting-edge and for that you would have to make considerable efforts to entertain, engage and retain your users. This is where content can do wonders to your business, provided it is marketed in the right way. Blogs have been around for a while and worry not as they are here to stay. Apart from maintaining and marketing your own blog, you should invite other bloggers to write for your brand.

Don’t forget that social media and any sort of content that’s relevant to your business goes hand in hand. Make sure your business has a social media presence and you are making rigorous efforts to keep in touch with your audience. Remember that social media is even more creative platform and it will demand you to come up with relevant as well as engaging content that helps you build a stronger audience base.


3. Offer Freebies

The mass never says no to free things and so offering freebies is one of the best ways to drive your potential users to use your paid services or product. In a way, you are letting your users avail the service or product which further allows them to witness the quality and consistency of the business. For instance, Moz. has set an ideal example. It manages to provide free SEO tools and resources to its users in order to attract them to subscribe for its paid subscriptions. The good news is that this strategy has done wonders for the company.

4. Use Referrals

Providing referrals is a proven way to build a solid customer base. You can choose to start a referral program just after you have few hundreds of genuine customer in hand. Take Dropbox as an example. Just within 15 months, Dropbox was successful in raising its user base from 100,000 to more than 4 million. All that this startup did is, it lured customers by offering upgraded storage amounts to referral party with an extra 500MB of storage free.


source: Sam Makad is marketing consultant at Skyward ERP