Spring is the perfect time to reevaluate your startup systems, and streamline operations where possible.

While spring cleaning around the home is a task most people dread, it is a necessary evil and absolutely essential for any successful startup.  Investor and strategic advisor, David Kiger, explores six ways business owners can streamline operations by applying the spring cleaning concept to their company:

1. Clean Up The Website. It may be time to upgrade your website or rework the way information is presented to make it easier for web users to digest.  It doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul, and sometimes aiming for a cleaner design is all that is required.

2. Get Mobile. For most founders, it’s obvious that every business needs to have a mobile-friendly website.  However, have you reevaluated the functionality of your mobile presence?  For example, you may need to check your mobile page speed and make sure any ads or affiliate links appear the way you intended and are not blocking your content.

3. Inventory Assessment.  Streamline operations by eliminating or selling unwanted or expiring inventory.  “Set aside the time to examine what’s on hand and what should be cleared out. This is an opportunity to assess what products or services worked well and if one needs to search for new vendors.”

clean out

4. Clean Out the Inbox. “When emails go unread and begin to pile up, it can become a legitimate nuisance that damages the ability to be productive.” “A lot of it may be junk mail that just needs to be deleted, but it’s also possible that important information is missing in an email buried deep in that unread pile.”

5. Get Social. Reevaluate your social media presence.  “The ability to connect and engage with consumers helps increase awareness of your business, which can translate to revenue gains from attracting new customers.”

source: David Kiger, founder and executive chairman of Worldwide Express