The exponential growth of data and digital has spawned companies to take advantage of this convergence by rethinking their business models.

A recent report from Experian Data Quality highlights the growing momentum of the ‘data force’ in response to the union between data and digital.  Below are some key points in the report.


Emphasis on Getting Buy-in

  1. Embedding data at the heart of a business and getting buy-in from the people at all levels requires a culture shift.
  2. Great importance is placed on making sure data is weaved into an organization’s culture.
  3. Companies are investing in professionals who have the mind-set and skills to drive solid results from data as operating models evolve.


The Chief Data Officer Role

A key responsibility of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) is to make sure the business is using their data in the most efficient way.  The CDO must ensure data aligns with the organization’s business needs and strategic objectives. It is the role of the CDO to break down deeply-rooted silos that can stagnate the flow of data and present new initiatives or current issues to the organization’s leadership.



source: Janani Dumbleton, Principal Consultant, Experian Data Quality.