Will this product management strategy work?  

How one startup is encouraging developers to build on their open API software to expand the application

If you have an open API platform, you recognize the importance of attracting developers who want to work on applications to extend the functionality of your product.

For example, the BRAIN One open API, by startup, Brainsomeness allows users to develop their own application for any action sport. The startup team is currently looking for developers and data scientists to build on the device’s existing platform and extend the experience to new action sports.

What do you have to give to attract developers?

However, the question becomes — How do you attract developers to participate in your open API? Well, Brainsomeness believes that they can build a core group of development evangelist by giving them a few perks for a price tag of $1128 (€999).

The price is not cheap for developers to participate.  For the investment, developers receive three benefits:

  1. BRAIN One 3D printed prototype

  2. A free online training held by the CTO and development team.

  3. Exclusive access to the team’s software development kit (SDK) before anyone else

Does the cost outweigh the benefits?  

While we don’t see this offering to provide any real value-adds that are unique to companies seeking to court the developer community.  If you are running a startup, you may want to test a few different offers that can attract developers.  Free training and access to the SDK are fairly typical offerings that may not generate the interest you are expecting for an unproven product with a one-thousand dollar price tag.

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Pitching the developer community

brain one

The team at Brainsomeness has integrated open API software for programmers.  The startups founder, Simone Grillo, noted; “while BRAIN One was initially created for motorsports, our team wanted to ensure that BRAIN One could be used for virtually any action sport athlete.” – “That’s why we’re looking for individuals to build upon and learn about BRAIN One’s unique embedded systems and data processing.”

During the development process, these particular backers will work closely with the Brainsomeness team to collect any advice or feedback from the resources and experts provided. In addition, one developer will be chosen to develop the first BRAIN POWERED application.