By Sharon Brown

Success for new product features can be defined in a number of ways.  However, the answer depends on the metrics that are important to the organization, and how the product aligns with the business objective.

Key measures that I have used on various projects to determine product success are all defined during the product development planning process.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Quality
  • Financial
  • Technical
  • Stakeholder
  • Compliance
  • Performance

Golden key in keyhole

It is imperative to define what I call the key Product Acceptance Criteria (PAC) to get everyone on the product team on the same page about the specific metrics that will be used to define success.

For example, a new system may include throughput as an important criterion, and the ability to process 80,000 statements per hour may be required to meet a certain SLA (service level agreement).

Please share your comments and ask questions below, and I’ll look to write a followup post if there’s enough interest.