WaiveCar is almost like a free Uber, except with a time limit and only one car style to ride.  With a limited product launch, WaiveCar started in Santa Monica and Venice Beach with just a 20-car fleet, and is the first car-sharing program that runs on advertising dollars.

“WaiveCar rides are free because the cars work as mobile billboards. You’re paying us just by driving the cars,” said the startups CEO Isaac Deutsch. “Our motto is: We waive the fee, you drive for free. All you need is a smartphone, a clean driver’s license and a credit card.”

WaiveCar’s fleet of compact, four-door cars are 100% electric and 100% emission-free. And they are zippy: going from 0-60 mph in 7.9 seconds, with 141 horsepower. Each car is outfitted with Bluetooth and has an 80-mile range per charge.

Product – Service Experience

Using the mobile app for iPhone or Android, drivers can find a car near them, book it and start driving — no cards or keys necessary. WaiveCar will unlock the door for you remotely, and the keys are inside.  Insurance is part of the all inclusive-deal.


Once your driving time is up, a map will show where you can drop off the car. Depending on where you leave it, you can earn extra rewards. And the company has plans to establish valet stations throughout the area to make drop off a breeze.

“We pride ourselves on providing a top-of-the line driving experience that is kind to the environment — and to our customers’ budgets,” Deutsch said.


What’s The Advertising Product?

WaiveCar’s launch sponsor is Oscar Health Insurance Corp., the innovative, Google-backed startup that is using data and technology to make health insurance simple, smart and friendly.

“This presents a unique marketing channel for advertisers. Dynamic ads driven around town are guaranteed to be seen,” Deutsch said.

Sponsor messages are displayed on each of the startup’s cars in two places: On the body of the car and via a digital display mounted on the roof, creating an ideal platform for reaching professionals, tourists, students, and shoppers in high-traffic areas.

For example, in just one month, eye-level media moving through the densely populated areas of central Los Angeles provides 26.5 million impressions.  And the multimedia “mini-billboards” allow for efficient, super-targeted advertising.

“WaiveCar’s advertising technology allows advertisers to not only show ads on a particular day or time, but also in specific GPS-defined areas,” said CTO Zoli Honig. “This is a new, innovative advertising product medium for companies, and a powerful way of fostering green, renewable energy in our communities.”