Great apps start with great product management. How one startup created an app that solves the maze of productivity app tools and functions

Startups and founders who spend their workdays switching between multiple productivity apps are missing opportunities to streamline work processes and business functions.  Startups need to find a way to coalesce productivity functions, such as note taking, task management, bookmarking and more, into one framework.

Finding an easy way to find anything you’ve stored and having a way to access it when you need it is gold.  Consol – a bootstrapped startup – is an app that consolidates key productivity functions into one framework.

Productivity App User Perspective

Users create their own organization with hashtags called workspaces (parent tags) and categories (child tags). This system, called Taggregation, adds hierarchy to project organization. Items can even belong to multiple workspaces and categories.


Different content types, such as notes, tasks and bookmarks appear in context in a list. This item list updates based on which workspace and category the user selects and the user’s preferred sorting mechanism. Selecting an item in the list displays a page view where the user can add and edit content.

“I was frustrated trying to keep track of all my clients’ data with available tools,” said Consol Co-Founder Chevas Balloun. “I was using a note taker, but kept having trouble finding my tasks or links within the notes. I’d try a task app, but felt like I never had room for extensive notes. Using multiple apps as a fix just seemed inefficient.”

“Many productivity apps try to hide or minimize the organization in order to focus on the experience.” “However, with a productivity app, the organization should be central to the experience,” said Balloun.

Productivity App Content

The startup has seemed to have used solid product management to create an app that supports multiple content functions:

  • Notes
  • Tasks
  • Bookmarks
  • Code blocks
  • Contacts
  • Images uploaded from a computer or a URL
  • Messages between other users

Connections can be made with other users allowing them to chat, comment, collaborate and send content to one another.  The product also supports end-to-end encryption for notes, code blocks, and images. This requires a second encryption-specific password (ESP).