High-capacity drones, underwater cities, flights into space and super skyscrapers are just some of the things we can expect to see in 100 years according to a new report by Samsung SmartThings.

One prediction for the future includes the use of drones in ways the average consumer would not envision today. However, it is our hope that the predictions below may start to inspire product management and innovative product development, in the near-term.

Drone-Delivered Holiday Homes

Yep, imagine 100 years from now traveling around the world and having your own personal drone, strong enough to carry and transport your holiday home.  Just remember your friends at eLuminate Network, after moving that vacation spot to the Caribbean, and you’re ready to go to market with that high-powered drone.

drone holiday homes


Super Skyscrapers

Carbon nanotubes and diamond nanothreads will shape architectural landscapes with towering megastructures, well beyond today’s skyscrapers.

Super Skyscrapers

Underwater Cities

According to the report, there will be underwater cities with breathable atmospheres, generated by hydrogen fuel.

underwater city

source: Samsung SmartThings