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Social Entrepreneur Sunday™

Celebrate Entrepreneurs
Doing Well By Doing Good!

Every Sunday from December 1 - 31, 2015

Tweet to hashtag #eLuminateSES to help support and promote social entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneur Sunday™ was founded in 2012 by eLuminate Entrepreneur Network (eLuminateNetwork.com) founder & CEO, Sharon Brown, to drive awareness of social entrepreneurs and businesses that focus on community.  Brown's philosophy is "if there is Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there should be Social Entrepreneur Sunday™." Remember, #eLuminateSES is not just one day, but every Sunday until December 31st.

Social Entrepreneur Sunday™ doesn't cost you anything, only the time it takes for a quick Twitter post to show your support. Please help spread the word about this important annual movement.

Click Here to Register for a Free Eventbrite Ticket or Make a Donation
to Show Your Support for Future Events!


Share The Twitter Friendly Post Below:

Until Dec 31st Social #Entrepreneur Sunday™ -Please Tweet about #socent that Do Good to #eLuminateSES - #startup #smallbiz #entrepreneurship


 About Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurs make a difference and are innovators in uncovering new ways to help community and address social problems. Each Sunday, starting the Sunday following Black Friday and the end of December, we want to hear about entrepreneurs who are making a difference.

We want Social Entrepreneur Sunday™ to make an imprint every Sunday in December.  Please Tweet your support of any social entrepreneur to #eLuminateSES to spread the word on this important movement.  We want to encourage participation by helping to promote these social entrepreneurs and businesses by sharing how they are making a difference.


Social Entrepreneur Sunday is a trademark of eLuminate Network and Halcyon Enterprise Inc.