By Sharon Brown

Virtual Product Managers Working with Long-Distance Development Teams

I noted in a blog post that I could probably write a book of tips for product managers working with a virtual development team.  Below are a few key considerations and tips to get you started on the right path.

  • Make sure the product vision is clearly defined and communicated to the team;
  • Validate the scope and product deliverables with the team (great for buy in);
  • Document and communicate a clear division of roles and responsibilities.

Remember the importance of building a good first impression.  Your first interaction with your new team will be instrumental in building the foundation for the work relationship.

Do not discount the importance of team-building and establishing a team culture; both are extremely important.  You could have the brightest minds and the most capable resources, but if people don’t know how to work together —  and pull toward the same goal — that will become a big drain on productivity and the product.

Establish regular processes for accountability (team and yourself), get one-on-one time with each product developer, and find efficient ways to communicate — then streamline, streamline, streamline that communication.


Senior Product Manager Versus Junior Product Manager

What if one of your team members is another product manager?  If one product manager has seniority, how should you work together?  There must be seamless communication and a clear definition of roles and responsibilities between both senior and junior product managers.

In either tech or non-tech environments (I’ve worked in both), the senior product manager is responsible for defining the scope, end-to-end solution, execution of product specifications, optimization, and more.

Depending on the organizational structure, the junior product manager can be assigned a portion of the product to manage and is responsible for meeting milestones, and reporting progress on key deliverables to the senior product manager.


Sharon Brown

Sharon Brown

Founder & CEO, eLuminate

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