Does your startup development team use BoMs to track product data spreadsheets across networks of engineers?

Bills-of-Materials (BoMs) are a fundamental part of every engineering and manufacturing process.  “A bill of materials (BOM) is an important component to product manufacture and design. Without an effective BOM, your product will suffer through countless unnecessary revisions, build problems, and delays”, according to Optimum Staff.

The changing technological landscape has only exacerbated traditional challenges involved with BoM management such as, controlling product costs, Requests for Quotes (RFQs) processes, coordinating between engineers and other product stakeholders, and managing change orders with contract manufacturers (CMs) in distributed environments.


Manufacturing is changing and with it comes a need to change the way BoMs are managed. The change is brought about by several trends in the market, including:

  • Globalization of manufacturing and supply chain
  • Growing number of new hardware developers
  • Surge in the maker movement
  • Increased reliance on contract manufacturing
  • New manufacturing practices including adoption of internet and mobile tools and technologies

“Technology is dramatically changing the way manufacturing works,” said Oleg Shilovitsky, CEO and co-founder of Newman Cloud, Inc., developers of openBoM, a cloud data management tool

“Manufacturing companies that used to be under one roof are now building businesses around distributed global manufacturing networks. These new distributed manufacturing environments have created a demand for new types of cloud applications that help companies manage and support distributed working environments.”


About Newman Cloud, Inc. and openBoM.

Newman Cloud, Inc. was co-founded by Oleg Shilovitsky and Vic Sanchez, both experienced software industry veterans. openBoM, a wholly owned and branded product of Newman Cloud, Inc. is a cloud data management tool that removes the traditional pain of managing BoMs across organizational and geographic boundaries. Newman Cloud, Inc. is headquartered in the Boston, MA area.