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WHEN: September 22nd - September 26th

  • Each day you'll get a short 5-minute video via email with key tips plus an exclusive invite to an online coaching session.  
  • In just a few minutes a day put real actions in place to kick start your launch.  
  • Start your product or service launch without overwhelm and complication.  

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I believe that getting started on your launch idea doesn't have to OVERWHELM you!  

Plus when you CONNECT with like-minded entrepreneurs who are ready to work on their launch...

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've got A's for your Q's

How much does it cost?

It's 100% free and costs you nothing. Did we say free ? : )  

What if I'm new to launching products or services?

That's why we're doing this Power Session my friend, so that as many of you as possible can get unstuck and get started.

What if I can't participate each of the days?

No worries! Just take a brief moment each day to open the Power Session emails and watch the short video clip so that you stay in the loop. As soon as you carve out an extra moment of time, work on the core launch tip that is shared in your Power Session content. This should take you very little time.  

What if I have launched before and have experience?

You will absolutely benefit from the coaching and core launch tips that will help you validate the idea you have for your physical product or service.  

When can I get started?

As soon as you register, we'll create your access and then you'll receive an email from us to confirm that you are enrolled. Keep checking your email for updates up until the first day of the IDEA TO LAUNCH POWER SESSION which is the first official day of the Power Session.  

What if I don't have an idea for a product or service?  

No worries! You will likely not be alone and we have a special fun tool to help you sort that out and come up with an idea that you can work on during the 5-day Power Session.  

Can I invite friends or colleagues to the Power Session?

We love that! Just make sure that you send each person to this link so they register. Only enrolled participants can access the IDEAS TO LAUNCH POWER SESSION and the special invite to the coaching session.  

What if I don't have money or funding for an idea?

No worries, this Power Session is for you because we'll touch on this because it is often one of the biggest "sticking points" that keeps entrepreneurs from taking action and getting started. During the five days of the Power Session it is important that you focus on getting started and making progress, so zero money is needed to cover the principles and core concepts that we will put into practice within five short days.  


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