Transform Your Idea Into a Revenue-Ready Physical Product or Service

If you'e looking for the ANSWER to... HOW to START (or take the next step)... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...EVEN, if you don't have an idea yet or you don't know how to find potential customers. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reading this will be the best decision to get you one giant step closer to launching the next great product or service... SO that you can help others, disrupt industries, and become known for changing the world. ----------------------------------------------------------------Find out exactly what you should do to get your idea off the ground now or vastly improve your next launch. 


Transforming an idea into a successful revenue-ready launch (for ANY product or service) requires a break from old habits. The old way of launching means you spin your wheels trying to figure out how to start or what steps to take next.

But spending countless hours on endless false starts and stalled progress is overwhelming and frustrating. 

The system I provide helps you launch with a lot more ease... EVEN if you don't have an idea yet... EVEN if you don't know how to find potential customers... and EVEN if you aren’t sure how to get started, or you’ve launched before and want to vastly improve your next launch.

I've launched over 187 physical products and services... and that's not to mention the dozens-and-dozens of multi-million dollar launches when I was a "corporate citizen" : ) 

As founder of eLuminate Network and Products Lauch lab, I've launched all types of products and services... from tech to consumer goods and more. This includes the award-winning Selona skin care line that reached international media exposure and a celebrity following in the official Grammy Gift bags... 

I know how important it is to have a step-by-step PROVEN framework to boil down the major pieces of what needs to get done for ANY launch.

I've spent two decades building repeatable and reproducable launch processes. And also, I've invested in other product and service ideas as an angel investor. 

All of this has allowed me to assess the differences between launches that are destined to succeed and those that are setup for failure.


As you can see... I don't just share my framework, but I regularly LIVE It! 

PLUS... I've even held conferences, summits, and workshops where I've invited other entrepreneurs and founders who have taken action to launch physical products or services 

To Launch a Successful Physical Product or Service You Need a PROVEN Framework

Ever wonder how each of these companies evolved from just a simple idea? It's much easier to follow a step-by-step framework to launch a product or service than to guess what to do next and have a bunch of false starts... wouldn't you agree? 

I've helped all types of people just like you... START and take the NEXT STEP to launch their ideas into products and services

Here are just some of launches that STARTED SMALL ...and eventually made BIG headlines

And these people followed the FRAMEWORK and learned HOW TO START and what to do next...

"It was eye opening for me. My initial response to launching a product would be to build it completely first... now how looking at [the framework] first can save time, money, and lead me in the direction of a successful launch" 

- Darleen Ghirardi | Service Launch

"The Product Launch Loop framework can help me launch... by giving me clear milestones and defined tasks to work on... because I've never launched before!"  

 - Geri Burke | Service Launch

"I do much better with step-by-step instructions than by experimentation. It's just the way I'm wired. So the Product Launch Loop will help keep me focused and out of overwhelm"

- Shelley Webb | Service Launch

"The [framework] is a clear, direct path to follow to execute a product. I think referring back to this... when I feel stuck will show me wher exactly I am in the process, and what needs to happen in order to progress forward.  

- Lauryn Orr | Product Launch

"Having never launched before... very helpful by giving a general framework I can rely upon and use with my team in our product development road-map"


- Ian Butler | Product Launch

"This is by far my favorite... I believe I have two solid ideas [to build]"

- Fred Alluso | Product Launch


Product Launch Lab is a membership program designed to help anyone transform an idea for a physical product or service into a revenue-ready launch.

Product Launch Lab is broken down into six Progress Paths with all the tools, tips, and resources to support your launch... PLUS you get 10 Implementation Cycles which include live expert sessions designed for you to make massive progress!

And, you get to work on your launch at your own pace. Throughout your membership, I’ll walk you through the process so you know exactly how to launch a successful physical product or service, without getting sidetracked by all the usual frustrations.

As a member of Product Launch lab, you’ll gain acess to the private members' area where you’ll immediately get started with an overview session.  

Then, content in your members' area will be delivered to you each month via video, pdf, audio, and/or live online sessions... depending on the Progress Path.  

You finally have a way to connect with like-minded people. PLUS, you can work at your pace while you're supported by... 

  • Group coaching Q&As 
  • Private Facebook Group community
  • Critique calls
  • Implementation Cycles  

Progress Path 1 shows you how to Breakdown Your Idea so that you can Find Potential Customers. 

Progress Path 2 shows you how to convert Your Idea Into Workable Components so that you know exactly what your product or service looks like.

Progress Path 3 shows you how to Create Your Proof of Concept so that you can prove that customers want your product or service even before it is built.

Progress Path 4 shows you how to Validate Your Proof of Concept so that you can Measure Your Products or Services Value.

Progress Path 5 shows you about making critical decisions that will make or break the future direction of your launch so that you Build Your Core Product / Service.

Progress Path 6 shows you how to take ACTION so that you launch your first release and plan follow-up releases.

plus... GET these BONUSES TODAY

LEADS BEFORE LAUNCH The tool to help you build relationships with potential customers even before you launch. You'll get three months free access to this tool ($197 value)

IDEA EVALUATOR If you’re struggling with coming up with your idea or you need some insight to in evaluating an existing idea this bonus is for you. If you find yourself going back-and-forth from one idea to the next, you will see how a few simple questions will give you the clarity you’re after so you can finally finalize your idea and take the next step. ($97 value)


/ MONTH or $497 Full Year

$297 / month

Launch a Revenue-Ready Physical Product or Service at Your Own Pace... 

Join today and get:

  • Monthly program content delivered so you can work at your own pace. 
  • Access to the private members lounge which will include six Progress Paths and 4 Implementation Cycles annually.
  • LEADS BEFORE LAUNCH Bonus free for three months... PLUS two more!
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