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"It was eye opening for me. My initial response to launching a product would be to build it completely first... now how looking at [the framework] first can save time, money, and lead me in the direction of a successful launch" 

- Darleen Ghirardi | Service Launch

"The Product Launch Loop framework can help me launch... by giving me clear milestones and defined tasks to work on... because I've never launched before!"  

 - Geri Burke | Service Launch

"I do much better with step-by-step instructions than by experimentation. It's just the way I'm wired. So the Product Launch Loop will help keep me focused and out of overwhelm"

- Shelley Webb | Service Launch

"The [framework] is a clear, direct path to follow to execute a product. I think referring back to this... when I feel stuck will show me wher exactly I am in the process, and what needs to happen in order to progress forward.  

- Lauryn Orr | Product Launch

"Having never launched before... very helpful by giving a general framework I can rely upon and use with my team in our product development road-map"


- Ian Butler | Product Launch

"This is by far my favorite... I believe I have two solid ideas [to build]"

- Fred Alluso | Product Launch

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