Launch Your Idea for a Physical Product or Service & START Finding Customers

If you're looking for ANSWERS on... 

  • HOW to START your launch or take the next step 
  • ...EVEN if you don't have an idea yet or have never launched before OR  
  • You've launched before and you don't know how to find potential customers. 

Find out exactly what you should do now and what you should do next to vastly improve your next launch... SO that you can help others, reshape industries, and become known for changing the world.


Transforming your idea into a successful revenue-ready launch (for ANY product or service) requires a break from old habits. The old way of launching means you spin your wheels trying to figure out how to start or what steps to take next.

But spending countless hours on endless false starts and stalled progress is overwhelming and frustrating. 

The launch framework and resources I provide helps you launch with a lot more ease... 

✔️ EVEN if you don't have an idea yet... 

✔️ EVEN if you don't know how to find potential customers... and 

✔️ EVEN if you aren’t sure how to get started, or you’ve launched before and want to vastly improve your next launch.


How To START, What To Do Now and What To Do Next...

To Launch a successful product or service your SHOULD know how to:

  • Find potential customers without waiting until after you’ve built your product or service  
  • Choose the right launch strategy to help with marketing your launch  
  • Tackle key issues on getting started 

Want the key steps that will get you to START taking action so that you launch your physical product or service?

(keep reading to get the answers...)

Get The Fastest and Most Impactful Way To Launch...

...so that you eliminate the uncertainty and frustration that comes with not knowing how to START and not having clarity on your next steps.

You want to launch your physical product or service with more success and less overwhelm

If you’re ready to start taking action on your launch  

AND... you want to create a physical product or service that can...  

🔹 Help others  

🔹 Become known for making a big impact in your industry  

🔹 Possibly change the world  

If this sounds right or either of these rings true...  

1. You don't know where to start or how to bring your idea to life.  

2. You don’t know how to market your product or service.  

3. You can’t figure out how to fund your launch.  

4. You're struggling to validate your idea.  

5. You want resources and support so you won’t get sidetracked by all the usual launch frustrations  

Then you need to be in the Product Launch Lab member community!  

Anyone can transform their idea for a physical product or service into a revenue-ready launch.  

(So if you’re a new entrepreneur, and you aren’t sure how to get started, or you’ve launched before and want to vastly improve your next launch...)

I've launched over 187 physical products and services... and that's not to mention the dozens-and-dozens of multi-million dollar launches when I was a "corporate citizen" : ) 

As founder of eLuminate Network and Products Lauch Lab®, I've launched all types of products and services... from tech to consumer goods and more. This includes the award-winning Selona skin care line that reached international media exposure and a celebrity following in the official Grammy Gift bags... 

I know how important it is to have a step-by-step PROVEN framework to boil down the major pieces of what needs to get done for ANY launch.

I've spent two decades building repeatable and reproducable launch processes. And also, I've invested in other product and service ideas as an angel investor. 

All of this has allowed me to assess the differences between launches that are destined to succeed and those that are setup for failure.

As you can see... I don't just share my proven launch framework, but I LIVE It! 

PLUS... I've even held conferences, summits, and workshops where I've invited other entrepreneurs and founders who have taken action to launch physical products or services 

To Launch a Successful Physical Product or Service You Need a PROVEN Framework

Ever wonder how each of these companies evolved from just a simple idea? It's much easier to follow a step-by-step framework to launch a product or service than to guess what to do next and have a bunch of false starts... wouldn't you agree? 

All types of people just like you... START and take the NEXT STEP to launch their ideas into products and services

Here are just some of launches that STARTED SMALL ...and eventually made BIG headlines

And these people followed my FRAMEWORK and learned HOW TO START and what to do next...

"It was eye opening for me. My initial response to launching a product would be to build it completely first... now how looking at [the framework] first can save time, money, and lead me in the direction of a successful launch" 

- Darleen Ghirardi | Service Launch

"The Product Launch Loop framework can help me launch... by giving me clear milestones and defined tasks to work on... because I've never launched before!"  

 - Geri Burke | Service Launch

"I do much better with step-by-step instructions than by experimentation. It's just the way I'm wired. So the Product Launch Loop will help keep me focused and out of overwhelm"

- Shelley Webb | Service Launch

"The [framework] is a clear, direct path to follow to execute a product. I think referring back to this... when I feel stuck will show me wher exactly I am in the process, and what needs to happen in order to progress forward. " 

- Lauryn Orr | Product Launch

"Having never launched before... very helpful by giving a general framework I can rely upon and use with my team in our product development road-map"


- Ian Butler | Product Launch

"This is by far my favorite... I believe I have two solid ideas [to build]"

- Fred Alluso | Product Launch


Product Launch Lab® is a membership designed for entrepreneurs like you to TRANSFORM your idea for a physical product or service into a revenue-ready launch. Know how to START and what to do next... EVEN if you have never launched before or have launched a physical product or service in the past.

Product Launch Lab® is broken down into six Progress Paths℠ with all the tools, tips, and resources to support your launch... PLUS you get 4 Implementation Cycles which include live expert sessions designed for you to make massive progress!

And, you get to work on your launch at your own pace. Throughout your membership, I’ll walk you through the process so you know exactly how to launch a successful physical product or service, without getting sidetracked by all the usual frustrations.  

As a member of the Product Launch Lab®, you’ll gain acess to the private members' area where you’ll immediately get started with YOUR launch overview session.  

Then, content in your members' launch area will be delivered to you each month via video, pdf, audio, and/or live online sessions... depending on the Progress Path℠.  

You finally have a way to connect with like-minded people. PLUS, you can work at your pace while you're supported by... 

  • Group coaching Q&As 
  • Private Group community
  • Critique calls
  • Implementation Cycles
  • Resource Lists
  • Member bonuses & discounts
  • ... much more!  

Progress Path℠ 1 shows you how to Breakdown Your Idea so that you can find potential customers. 

Progress Path℠ 2 shows you how to convert your idea into workable components so that you know exactly what your product or service looks like.

Progress Path℠ 3 shows you how to Create Your Proof of Concept so that you can prove that customers want your product or service even before it is built.

Progress Path℠ 4 shows you how to Validate Your Proof of Concept so that you can measure the real value of your product or service.

Progress Path℠ 5 shows you about making critical decisions that will make or break the future direction of your launch so that you build your core physical product or service the right way.

Progress Path℠ 6 shows you how to take ACTION so that you LAUNCH your first release and plan follow-up releases.

When YOU Know How To Launch!

As a Product Launch Lab® member you'll get access to...

From Start-to-Launch™ Toolkits

Oh and that's just the beginning my friend... there are so many great surprises in store for you when you're a Product Launch Lab® member!  

plus... GET these BONUSES

LEADS BEFORE LAUNCH The tool to help you build relationships with potential customers even before you launch. You'll get three months free access to this tool ($297 value)

How To Finance Your Launch (Part 1)

Launch Investor "Cheatsheet" on How To Finance Your Launch Get instant access to this special Power Session on “Getting The Wallets Out of Investor’s Pockets”! ($197)

2020 Resource List

2020 Launch Resource List Get access to my curated resource list to help you launch by the end of 2020! ($250 value)


/ MONTH or $997 Full Year

$297 / month

Launch a Revenue-Ready Physical Product or Service at Your Own Pace... 

Join today and get:

  • Early-enrollment member discount
  • Monthly program content delivered so you can work at your own pace. 
  • Access to the private members lounge which will include six Progress Paths℠ and 4 Implementation Cycles annually.
  • LEADS BEFORE LAUNCH Bonus free for three months... PLUS two more!
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Pre-Enrollment Price Deadline:
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Frequently Asked Questions

We've got A's for your Q's

How do I start launching my idea?

Well my friend... that's exactly what the Product Launch Lab® is all about. : ) We've got you covered with an expanded Launch Blueprint resource that will give you a step-by-step actions of exactly what you should do and when you should do it.  

What if I'm new to launching products or services?

That's why we've design this member community my friend, so that as many of you as possible can get unstuck and get started.

How does the Product Launch Lab® membership work?

You get access to all of the launch tools, resources, group coaching as long as you are a paid member the Product Launch Lab. Whether you've never launched before or even if you have had prior experience launching products and services everyone starts with the core content so that we can all know the exact same launch principles from the Launch Blueprint. This means that from the start everyone will be on the same page and utilize the same concepts. The core content drips out week-to-week until the Launch phase and from there you will have access to even more resources to support you wherever you are based on your unique experience.  

What if I can't participate certain days or times?

No worries! The idea of having a membership is so that you can have the flexibility... Just carve out brief moments to stay in the loop and keep moving forward. You can always connect with the content on the go. This should take you very little time.  


What if I don't have an idea for a product or service?  

No worries... this not uncommon! You will likely not be alone and we have a special fun tool to help you sort that out and come up with an idea that you can access to help you with validating your idea.  

Is this a coaching program?

Product Lauch Lab is a membership with a group coaching benefit... emphasis on group, because it is not possible to provide every person one-on-one support. Plus you'd pay a hefty price for one-on-one coaching. 

What if I have launched before and have experience?

You will absolutely benefit from the membership content and core launch tips that will help you validate the idea you have for your physical product or service and take your physical product or service to the next level. We have seen countless people who have gotten stuck on how to move forward even after they've hired resources or built a prototype. We don't want this to happen to you... because a successful launch is about knowing WHAT to do now and HOW to do it. 

Can I join the Product Launch Lab to launch a service?

Absolutely YES! The launch framework that is the foundation of the Product Launch Lab covers everything for launching both physical products and services. We just thought the name was cool : )

Is the Product Launch Lab a course?  

No. The Product Launch Lab is purposely not structured like a course that requires you to meet certain deadlines. The content is structured for members to have the flexibility, ongoing resources and ongoing support they need to launch a sucessful physical product or service.

When can I get started?

As soon as you register, we'll create your access and then you'll receive an email from us to confirm that you are enrolled. January 27, 2020 is the first official day of the Product Launch Lab so that everyone can be onboarded at the same time. You will be granted access to some cool launch content even before then.  

Do I have to view the Product Launch Lab core content if I have launched before?  

Yes. Even if you have experience you will start with the Product Launch Lab core content because we want you to have the proven framework to transform your idea into a revenue-ready physical product or service.  

Can I invite friends or colleagues to Product Launch Lab?

We love that! Just make sure that you send each person to this link so they register. Only enrolled participants can access Product Launch Lab content.  

What if I don't have time or if I get behind?

There's no such thing : ) That's why all of the greatness inside the Product Launch Lab is setup for a membership and not a course. You move at your own pace and keep moving forward. Being a member means that you have access to all of the content as long as you are a paid member, so you can take bite-sized pieces and stay motivated to launching your great idea.  


What if I need to cancel?

We would of course hate to see you go, but just email the Launch Support team and we will arrange that for you with no problem. If you decide to come back later, it's important to note that you would return at the current member rate. For example, if your member rate at the time of cancellation was $200 and the new member rate is $297 then you would pay the current $297 rate. Also, you would no longer have access to any of the member content.


Can my business partner or spouse be on my account?

If you have either of those circumstances please contact us and we will see what options we can make available to you based on your unique circumstance. There is only one member allowed for each account and you are granted a single access to all Product Launch Lab content and events. 


How much money do I need ?  

That depends on what you're looking to launch and you'll be surprised that very little money is needed to cover the principles and core concepts that we will put into practice for the core content.  



What if I don't have money or funding for an idea?

No worries, Product Launch Lab is for you because we'll touch on this because it is often one of the biggest "sticking points" that keeps entrepreneurs from taking action and getting started.

Is the Product Launch Lab right for me if I want to create a course?

This membership is designed exclusively for people who want to launch a physical product or service. Though Sharon has had loads of experience launching both online and offline courses, you will not benefit from the launch framework and available resources in the Product Launch Lab if you are solely focused on launching a course. 

However, if you are looking to launch a product or service and a course is just a small secondary piece of your overall offer then you will find the Product Launch Lab is useful. Feel free to contact Sharon directly if you realize that you only want to launch a course and you're looking for a membership or training resource to help you with that effort. We'll get you covered : ) 


What if I have more questions?  

No worries! You can use the Launch Support window below to ask questions or click here. As you may expect, we will be fielding a lot of questions during this open period so please bare with us and will take care of you as soon as humanly possible.  

When will Product Launch Lab re-open again? 

There's no set schedule, so right now we have no idea. Because of the effort we put into supporting our members and a number of other factors, we don't plan to open the membership very often. We encourage you to take this opportunity now because the pricing will also be going up for future members. 

What is Early-Bird or Early-Enrollment?  

That is the million-dollar question my friend! When you are among the first to enroll during the Early-Bird or Early-Enrollment you are getting even more awesomeness interms of bonuses to help you launch... AND t you'll instantly get all new bonuses that might be made available during the enrollment period.